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Riot Isolator is an advanced security tool which consists out of different security mechanism to improve your privacy and security in your digital life. No anti-virus can detect all viruses that is why you should use Riot Isolator to counter all undetected threats and minimizing most security risks.


  • Anti-RunPE
  • RAM Eraser
  • Anti-webcam
  • Anti-keylogger
  • Anti-screenshot
  • Clipboard protection
  • ARP attack detection
  • Email alert notification
  • Anti-extension spoofing
  • Anonym live online panel
  • Effective network monitor
  • Full drive and MFT eraser
  • System recycle bin cleaner
  • Real-time packer information
  • Secure file and folder shredder
  • Block unwanted or all USB volumes
  • Unlock blocked/ used files with ease

Many languages available

  1. Dansk
  2. Dutch
  3. English
  4. French
  5. German

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By downloading software of Hendrik Schiffer from this site, you agree to the following license.

Help needed?

Just contact us to fully understand Riot Isolator and its software mechanism and behavior.

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Help us improving our software by reporting any kind of bugs or other security related issues you detect!

Online panel

If you have the anonym online panel enabled then you can enter to your live panel here!


Version New features Improvements and bug fixes Date
1.4 +Clipboard protection
+Upgraded to TLS 1.2 (.NET Framework 4.5)
+Dutch translation (Thanks to Ben van Asperen)
#File handle dispose bug fixed(RunPE detection)
#Critical webcam protection bug when the main window was minimized
#Newest version of pngquant
#Improved USB protection against third party software
#DPI awareness for online screenshot module (e.g. tablets)
#Settings UI improved
February 25, 2018
1.3 +ARP attack detection
+Desktop widget
+Check what process accessed the network
#RAM Eraser now works in the portable mode
#Fixed setup crash
#Minor UI improvements
#More friendly icon
#Move form bug for specific areas of the form fixed
#Missing realtime password change bug fixed
#Fixed security issues with the external packing application
#Invalid port bug fixed
#Anti keylogger through notify icon bug fixed
#Increased security for integrated update check
#Recycle bin clean UI freeze fixed
May 8, 2017
1.2 White list dialog overlay bug fixed February 22, 2017
1.1 +RAM Eraser
+Email alert notification
+USB read only mode
+Relevant information added
#Fixed line width with longer strings (web panel)
#CDs are no longer blocked by the USB protection
#Smaller UI improvements
#Strict detection crypto bug fixed
#Taskbar menu performance bug fixed
#Minor bug fixes
February 21, 2017
1.0 Initial release December 24, 2016


Riot Isolator
Copyright (c) 2016-2018 Hendrik Schiffer.
All rights reserved.

You are free to redistribute and use the material in any medium or format for any purpose, even commercially.
Notwithstanding you are not allowed to edit or transform the material or bypass its security mechanism.
Above copyright notice and appropriate credits need to be given.
The licensor can revoke these freedoms at anytime.
No warranties are given.

Task Scheduler Managed Wrapper license

HashLib license

MaterialDesign license

pngquant license