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SharedScreen is a minimalistic screen sharing tool which makes it easier than ever before to share your screen to one or even many people at the same time. Your viewers no longer need any additional download. You can start the application and start sharing within one click. No registration or hidden fees!


  • No viewer count limitation
  • Encrypted data transmission
  • Additional password protection
  • Start and share within seconds
  • High DPI support e.g. tablets and netbooks
  • Viewers only need an URL to view your screen
  • 3 different quality modes for fast and slow networks

Many languages available

  1. Bulgarian
  2. Dansk
  3. Dutch
  4. English
  5. French
  6. German
  7. Portuguese
  8. Spanish

Free download

By downloading software of Hendrik Schiffer from this site, you agree to the following license.

Help needed?

Just contact us to fully understand SharedScreen or take a look on our quick starter guide.

Found a bug?

Help us improving our software by reporting any kind of bugs or other security related issues you detect!

Online panel

If you want to join a screen sharing session then you can click here in order to access your remote screen!


Version New features Improvements and bug fixes Date
1.5 +Support chat (supporter only)
+Information tooltips
+One new background image
+Background images can be replaced by replacing files in the data folder
#Minor QR-code UI improvements
#Better quality icons
#Multi monitor system will no longer show the cursor if it is outside of the target screen
#UI fix for upload rates over 999KB/s and total upload bandwith over 999MB
#Updated to the latest version of Pingo
Dec 21, 2017
1.4 +Total upload bandwith used label
+Same session's last password will be shown when the user wants to reactivate the password protection
#Access key change bug fixed
#No transmission with new access key fixed
#Many minor UI fixes and improvements
#Memory managment improvements
#Memory leak fixed
Sep 23, 2017
1.3 +Dutch translation
+French translation
+Spanish translation
+Portuguese translation
+Window selection instead of the whole screen
+DPI recognition enabled (better UI rendering on high API devices)
+UI indicator when refreshing access key
+Upgraded to TLS 1.2 (.NET Framework 4.5)
#Different screen resolution bug (multi monitor) fixed
#Mouse not shown on multi monitor setup bug fixed
#Refreshing ID when sharing bug fix
#Wrong context menu bug fixed
#Invalid passwords are no longer accepted
#Change access key bug fixed
Aug 6, 2017
1.2 +Bulgarian translation (Thanks to Stefan Stefanov)
+Dansk translation (Thanks to Theis Hansen)
+New background images
#Minor language system bug fixed May 29, 2017
1.1 +Additional access password is hidden by default
+QR code generator
+German language added
#Form resize bug fixed
#Minor UI improvements
#Unlikely behavior bug fixed
May 25, 2017
1.0 Initial release May 23, 2017


Copyright (c) 2017 Hendrik Schiffer.
All rights reserved.

You are free to redistribute and use the material in any medium or format for any purpose, even commercially.
Notwithstanding you are not allowed to edit or transform the material or bypass its security mechanism.
Above copyright notice and appropriate credits need to be given.
The licensor can revoke these freedoms at anytime.
No warranties are given.

 Background image by Stanislav Kašpar 

 Background image by ArtClub 
 Background image by Sarosh Chinoy 
 Background image by ThugRaven 
 Background image by 
  Background images by Puscifer91 
  Icons by 
  UI sounds by RCPTONES 
  QR-code API by Kentaro Fukuchi  
Pingo image optimization